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Caring for Your Wedding Bouquet: Tips Before Passing It to Us

Your wedding day is a whirlwind of excitement, joy, and cherished moments. As you celebrate with loved ones, your wedding bouquet plays a central role in your ceremony and reception. It’s a beautiful symbol of your love and a memory you want to preserve. To ensure your bouquet remains in the best condition before passing it to Finely Pressed for pressing, follow these care tips and avoid losing it at your wedding banquet.

Caring for Your Wedding Bouquet on the Big Day

Hydrate and Protect

  • Keep it fresh: Your bouquet may spend some time out of water during the ceremony and photos, so make sure to place it in water whenever possible. Avoid spraying water directly on the flowers, as it can lead to molding.
  • Use a holder: Consider a bouquet holder with a water reservoir to keep the flowers hydrated throughout the day.
  • Don't forget your bouquet in a car: Avoid leaving your bouquet in a car under the hot sun. High temperatures can cause the flowers to wilt and damage their appearance.
  • Avoid microphone foam: Remind your flower to avoid using the microphone foam as it drastically the lifespan of your flowers. 

Handle with Care

  • Be mindful of heat: Keep your bouquet away from direct sunlight and heat sources, as this can cause the flowers to wilt faster.
  • Avoid rough handling: Treat your bouquet gently to prevent damage or bruising to the flowers as it will show in the pressed flowers.

Keeping Track of Your Bouquet at the Wedding Banquet

Your wedding banquet is a time for joy with loved ones. Whether it's the stylish Capella Hotel, the modern Andaz Singapore, or the charming Chijmes, there's a venue to match your dream wedding reception.

As you enjoy your banquet, you might be busy greeting guests, taking photos, and dancing the night away.

What Can Happen on the Big Day

The excitement and activity of the banquet can sometimes lead to misplacing your bouquet:

  • Mingling with guests: As you move around greeting guests, you might set your bouquet down and forget where you left it.
  • Flower Disappearance: Some guests may inadvertently take home flowers from your wedding, including your bouquet, if left unattended. Additionally, hotel staff may mistakenly discard flowers, assuming they are unwanted. This scenario occurs more frequently than you might expect
  • Day's Distractions: Amidst the overwhelming excitement, your bouquet might slip your mind momentarily.

Tips to Keep Your Bouquet Safe

  • Designate a helper: Assign a trusted friend or family member to hold onto your bouquet when you can't.
  • Use a unique holder: Choose a distinctive bouquet holder or ribbon so you can easily spot your bouquet among other flowers.
  • Set a specific location: Decide on a safe, designated spot to place your bouquet when you’re not holding it.

Supplementing Your Bouquet

As an additional tip, consider supplementing your wedding bouquet with flowers used at the wedding banquet. This can add a touch of your chosen reception flowers to your bouquet, creating a cohesive look and preserving the essence of your special day. Additionally, supplementing your bouquet can be useful if you want to frame your pressed flowers in larger frame sizes. Finely Pressed offers frames up to A2 size, allowing you to create a stunning display that captures the beauty of your special day.

Another idea to consider is supplementing your bouquet with the groom's boutonnière. Adding the boutonnière to your pressed bouquet can enhance the final design, emphasizing the unity between you and your partner on your wedding day.

Pressed wedding flowers in a square frame and A4 frame

Passing Your Bouquet to Finely Pressed

Once your wedding day is over, carefully pass your bouquet to Finely Pressed to preserve its beauty:

  • Handle gently: Avoid squeezing or dropping your bouquet to prevent damage.
  • Store properly: Keep your bouquet in a cool, dry place until you can hand it off.
  • Communicate with Finely Pressed: Follow their specific instructions for the hand-off process to ensure the best results.
  • Look out for instruction emails: Finely Pressed will send you specific instructions on how to pass your flowers to us after the big day. Keep an eye out for these emails to ensure a smooth process.

Carefully Consider Your Options

When deciding what to do with your wedding bouquet, carefully consider your options. Ask yourself whether you wish to take back some of the extra flowers we will not be pressing, or whether you want to upsize the frame you ordered so we can factor in how much flowers to preserve. Those are important decisions you should make by the time you pass us your bouquet.


Taking care of your wedding bouquet and keeping track of it at your wedding banquet will help you preserve this beautiful memento of your special day. By following these tips and handing your bouquet to Finely Pressed, you can transform it into a lasting keepsake that captures the magic and beauty of your wedding.

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